Dr. Rachana is convinced that we as human beings have an emotional connection to life from our time in the womb till the tomb. We adopt our unique model of the world by the way we filter emotions, thoughts and experiences throughout our lives. These filtered emotions and thoughts create the results in our lives. If we want to change an outcome, we have to become aware of what our thoughts and emotions dictate and thus create. Self-love and Self-

Acceptance are the keys to that positive change.She is inspired into action by her deep fiery passion to co-create
‘wholeness” within individuals on levels of the body, mind, emotion and Spirit. With Rachana you are guaranteed to increase your awareness and achieve powerful results in your personal wellness, well-being; living an inspired life and creating positive outcomes in every area of your life.

An esteemed leader in the wellness field; she specializes in the metaphysical approach to self-discovery and self-empowerment for over 12years. Her experience in self-healing and self-development offers her the privilege to serve humanity extensively; facilitating skills that assist you in overcoming the emotional loads of the present and the past and coaching you towards a Successful new and realistic life.

Her major expertise lies in all relationships, mediating and dissolving conflicts between loved ones, providing couple and group sessions identifying behaviors, teaching skills and tools for relationship rebuilding and healthy function.

Action! Action! Action! That’s her power attitude. This has earned her a reputation as a ‘life architect’, where she has become famous for ‘re-designing lives’, ‘recreating yourself’.