anil kumar
I was recently referred by a common friend to Dr. Rachana's focus training for professionals. Having struggled with a hectic corporate lifestyle i desperately needed direction to maintain work-life balance as well as achieve professional success.
After just 3 sessions, i have seen huge improvements in my method of delegating work, choosing the right priorities and setting aside quality time for family.
The positive changes have been reverberating in every part of my life and i have been able to snag a good raise in trying times.
swathi shrivatsa
“I came to Reiki a couple of years ago as a result of relationship issuess. After a long period of strife and anxiety, I had finally come to realize that I couldn’t heal him or convince him to seek healing himself— I was responsible for my own healing first and foremost.
I have always known since childhood that stuck emotions resided in different places in my body. After working with a sensitive and gifted Reiki practitioner such as Dr. Rachana for just a few sessions, I began to release and forgive emotional and spiritual pain that I had been holding on to for years.
Reiki awakened me to my true potential and started me on the road to an enchanting spiritual blossoming.
priyanka gogga
Dear Rachana,

I wanted to write a brief note to you for the help i received in your hypnotherapy sessions. I love to say that it has been twenty-one days since I last had a cigarette. The path to recovery was hard and led to a bout of insomnia.
They say it takes twenty-one days to form a new habit and I am happy to report that I have not felt healthier in fifteen years! I would highly recommend Dr.Rachana's practice to anyone willing to make a positive change in their life. Your thorough explanation of how hypno works, your understanding of how nicotine works are testament to you and your life changing sessions.
With much thanks from me
Ankitha Khound
I have been fortunate to attend Dr. Rachana's Heal your Life workshops to get back to my former self, one step at a time. After deep and personal loss, I chose to seek help in order to live responsibly without being an emotional burden on others.
Rachana focusses completely on all aspects of your life to help you let go and become whole again. I have also started Chakra healing Yoga and it has been hugely beneficial for my physical health as well. I feel the healing coursing through me and the strength coming back to me as before.
The change is palpable and i receive appreciation from my friends and family on my recovery. On my part i feel great to be able to feel happiness and sadness rather than the numbness i mostly experienced.
My Story of how i conquered Endometriosis

Endometriosis - Endometriosis is the abnormal growth of cells (endometrial cells) similar to those that form the inside of the uterus, but in a location outside of the uterus. Endometriosis is most commonly found on other organs of the pelvis.The exact cause of endometriosis has not been identified.
Intramural fibroids begin as small nodules in the muscular wall of the uterus. With time, intramural fibroids may expand inwards, causing distortion and elongation of the uterine cavity. Uterine fibroids, also known as uterine leiomyomas or myomas, are one of the most common medical conditions affecting at least one out of every four women. These are benign tumors formed from the muscular layer of the uterus. Women with fibroids may or may not experience any outer symptoms.
That is speaking medicaly....
Personally - It's a kick in the gut! A kick so hard that it messes up you head, not to mention your life. In my case, it did not start slow like other diseases. It started as if it was on a vengeance. The pain got to me and it got tougher to deal with it. At 30 I had a beautiful daughter and I could not carry her for more than 30 mins at a stretch. I could watch her grow but I could not grow with her. No pillow fights, no crawling together, no sleeping on the ground and staring into space - It was fun with limits and limitations! I looked like a 8 month pregnant woman - Only, I was not pregnant - It was the growing fibroid. I lived on 6 pain killers a day and eventually they stopped working on me too. I was too afraid to get a surgery done or try any hormonal treatment - Only cause I did those in the past and the cysts and fibroid still came back. I believed that no matter what I did - It will come back and get me and that I will never be my self again.
I kept thinking what is it that is making me so sick. So sick that I cannot have a life every mother wants. In June 2012 I confronted about my worst fears to my closest friend Dr. Rachana Sharma. And, the rest, as they say is history!
On a casual day I met her at her place to discuss a healing therapy for me. We went through cleansing, hypno theraphy, affirmations and counselling for 3 days in a row and for a few weeks after that too. We spoke about the various options I had medically while she was going to work on me spiritually. Finally I decided to have a surgery done in Sep 2012 and she has been since then healing me and working on my case.
Today, its been 2 blissful years of no pills, no pain, no heavy bleeding - reduced fibroid side and a healthier me. My daughter is a gorgeous 4 now and I can carry her, play and have fun with her. I can walk for over an hour and more. I attend Shiamak Davar's dance classes and learn dance forms like Bollywood and Contemporary. I run a design studio from my home called Aish - and create style statements for my lovely friends and clients. My husband is a lot happier seeing me in the best of heath and spirits. My family is healed!
Realization: Wisdom seldom dawns upon us, but when it does, it is totally up to us to figure it out as the force that makes us move forward rather than ignoring it by calling it 'the stupid voice inside your head'. Help is everywhere - One needs to just ask! As for me I am lucky that I have been privileged enough to find help. I initially thought that I was just physically sick. When i was told that there is something inside me that I have harbored, that is causing me to be that sick - I was in denial. I had a happy life with an amazing and supportive family, a husband who loved me and a lovely daughter that I always wanted, there was nothing that could have made me so sick. But then during our counselling sessions we found out what the culprit was, that was making. As much as it was totally upto me to do the needful and feel better, the kind of push and support I got from Rachana during the healing process made me take life in a different perspective altogether. She never gave up on me, never does - even today!
Writing this testimonial like like writing my own success story. I have been benefited in ways I did not know, was possible for me. First of all, its very important to reach out. Once you do, you have to have the faith that it will work. Faith instills faith and reiteration of faith. Being positive is easy and very arty. As a designer I know that I just had to close my eyes during a hypno therapy session and paint a beautiful picture of me - Smiling, happy, healthy and healed. That is where I stand today - for real. So take the initiative, reach out. Believe and just watch the magic unfold your life!
Sending the best of wishes for a brighter, healthier and happier future for each of you who will reach out and believe - Happy healing!
Sarmistha Prakash
I have been a student of Dr.Rachana Sharma since 26th.January. I have learnt Access consciousness, Reiki (till mastership level) and Magnified healing from her.It has been a wonderful learning experience with her as all the concepts have been explained very well by her.
I began my practice since then and am using all the modules ,depending on the requirement of the client. All the people coming to me are seeing wonderful results and are further bringing their friends,relatives, etc to me for healings and counselling.
I always consult Dr.Rachana when I need guidance on how to handle a case,and she has always helped me out.
Thank you Dr.Rachana and look forward to learning more from you!!
Sarmistha Prakash
I came to see Rachana, as I was not progressing with my spiritual work. I experienced a difficult childhood, suffering sexual abuse, but I have worked very hard to overcome this issue. I had visited many therapists and healers and actually felt confident I had moved past these issues. But, there was still something not quite right in my life....there was still always a sense of frustration, lack of confidence, fear and just plain not being happy with my life. During my regression I was shown 2 past lives. Contact with my spirit guides was wonderful. At another point I had the most incredible experience of my physical body completely transforming itself into light....I felt incredibly powerful vibrations suffuse me and lift my consciousness up into my higher self, where I was able to engage in conversation with my guides. I heard my true soul name. It was completely extraordinary! It was during this time I was suddenly and completely aware that I had been asked to return to earth to assist with helping to raise the consciousness of earth at this time. I understood that I am helping to hold vibrations which affect others unconsciously. However, when I came to this realisation, I was initially extremely angry about this. I felt angry that I was sent to Earth. Angry about the limitations of the physical body, angry at the difficult life I had been living. My guides helped me to realise that I had made this choice, and that these choices had in fact lead me to awaken spiritually very early in life, and that was a part of the plan. It is the forgetfulness of human existence which had been my problem all along. I was angry at the universe for being stuck here. But now I get it. During the regression, Rachana asked the guides to help me understand my purpose, and to release the anger, as I was really struggling to understand and let go. I then got to experience another amazing healing experience when some more of my guides came in and I joined my energy with them and they sent me beautiful beams of healing light to me. I was aware that this light was filled with some kind of symbols and codes. I did not understand what it was or what it was doing, but I could feel it infuse me and change me and it stayed with me for hours after the session ended. I gave it a couple of weeks, to see if the glowing buzz I felt was going to wear off. For the first few days I felt like I was high, my sense of connection to the universe was so powerful. I then settled into my life and even found myself confronted with a few difficult family dilemmas and although I was upset by them, my capacity to see clearly (and quickly) past the issues and resolve them and my emotions was astounding. I find myself happy...such a simple statement, but truly profound for those of us who live in states of anxiety and depression (and yes...anger!). I feel now that I can accept myself for who I am. I also feel somewhat as if the burden of purpose has gone. I feel more motivated to actually pursue my dreams. This was truly one of the powerfully transformative experiences of my life. Thank you for helping to facilitate this for me Rachana, I can certainly recommend Rachana....but just remember, it might just change your life! PD...
Thank you so much for the soul work I did with you Rachana. The insights and clarity I got from both the Past Life Regression and the Life Between Lives sessions has really changed my life. Quite honestly the realisations I got from the sessions were mind-blowing. Suddenly, so many confusing aspects of my life made perfect sense.
The information has helped me to get context and make sense of this life, which has enabled me to make clear decisions about my future. It also allowed for a great deal of healing… Thank you Rachana for this!!!
I’ve experienced both a PLR & LBL session under from Rachana and to put it quite simply, the experience has changed my life. The sessions helped me to understand and overcome certain unexplained fears that were affecting my present life experience, as well as give me an amazing insight into my life purpose and the future direction my current life may take. Rachana is an excellent clinical hypno-therapist and I highly recommend her services. It truly was a mind blowing experience that helps you to look at the ‘bigger picture. C, Indore
Balakrishnan , Financial Analyst
Rachana is a great listener, and asks the right questions to lead me to very solid decisions. When I follow through on her “requests” or as I refer to “my homework”…I really benefit. She has helped me to focus and prioritize. I have been better able to look at problems in different ways, thus finding very meaningful solutions. I am a better leader today because of the coaching I received from Rachana.
Shruti Basur
As to the value for my money? Absolutely! I would recommend Rachana. She is different than I am, and I believe this has been very helpful. In the past, I always chose to surround myself with personalities and view points similar to mine. She makes me look at at things in a new way. This is good. Integrity is what I always look for in a person, and her integrity shines through. Because of the balance she consistently strives to achieve in her own life, I have then adapted her examples to my own personality and lifestyle. It works!
Anil, BDO
Rachana presented opportunities for me to explore. The opportunities were, however, always presented as a choice and not a demand. As a result, I became interested in pursuing new solutions instead of just fixing my problems.
I began working with her at a time when I was very unhappy with my work. Within the span of four months, I made a decision to actively create a new future by redesigning my role within my organization. As a result, I moved out of an area of employment where I had been stuck for 14 years and moved into a new area of where I increased my salary by 20% and I enjoy my work every day. Rachana helps one learn how to make life and work fun. ~
"Rachana Mam is a most accomplished Reiki Master with far-reaching other skills in the healing field. I found her creative, intuitive, loving and above all with excellent energy transformation for healing, hands on as well as long distance. Great Reiki workshops, and exceptional teaching of Reiki practices."
Rachana when I was seeking ways to improve my health after a serious and prolonged bout of illness. I was pleased with the results and I believe that it had a positive effect on my health as well as my personal growth. I took Reiki Level 1 and experienced some profound changes. Rachanaji is a wonderful, gentle person with enormous integrity and passion and I am so glad that I know her."
"I met Rachana and she helped change my life. At that time I had been experiencing migraine headaches which were very severe. Through Rachana’s treatment sessions, I am now able to deal with my headaches which are few and far between. I will be grateful to her for the rest of my life and to Reiki which has helped me in many other ways."

Rachana provides a welcoming & peaceful environment, easy-to-learn methods and provides additional workshops to practice. I am grateful that to have met her and others on this wonderful journey. Thank you Rachana."
Raj Bhalla, Architect
"Rachana is truly a great teacher and healer. I've had the benefit of having both student and client experiences with her since 2010 and all were so positive and effective. "
Rachana’s Reiki I & II class was absolutely transformational! Uplifting, grounding and knowledgeable. She is thorough, thought provoking and compassionate. This class was filled with knowledge, wisdom, and personal growth. I feel immediately transformed and will bring this knowledge into my life and relations.

I am feeling very clear mentally this morning and also much more clear. I’ve also got plans to be much more disciplined myself with my Reiki self-treatments, meditations, etc. I owe a lot of this to my experience this past weekend.
“A very enlightening experience of love & light. It was such a positive experience getting in touch & experiencing new “beautiful energies”