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"As the name of this modality suggests this technique is about- accessing your consciousness!"

What would that mean?

Among other things what Access Consciousness is about is the ability to live with consciousness – where you can be present in every moment of your life without judgment of yourself or anyone else – where you can step into the greatness of you and where your choices in life are unlimited.

Imagine living such a grand and wonderful life!
That is what we would like to help you with through this modality.

For instance if you have ever felt that you are stuck in a rut, or you are going around in circles or that your life seems like a full stop – and you have tried everything to change it and still it’s not enough – then this is a modality you might consider working with and see what an incredible shift you can experience in a very short time!

This modality also seems to be a gift for those people in the world who have never been able to ‘fit in’ or have felt like a square peg in a round hole. If you are one of those people who have felt like this then Access Consciousness could be a great space where you could finally gain ease and clarity about yourself and understand how you could live the exceptional life you always believed was possible!

At a more everyday and ‘practical’ level, this modality helps you overcome any obstacles you are facing in any area of your life – be it physical-health problems, emotional challenges, relationships, money or virtually any other situation you wish to overcome with ease.

Access Consciousness consists of many tools and techniques – right from hands-on Body Processes to verbal processes. And the wonderful thing about this is that these processes are easy, fun and quick and they can be learnt by anyone and received by anyone without exception (including children).

So in our experience at Kreyations– the tools of Access Consciousness are phenomenally amazing and it has empowered people to shift into ease and joy faster than anything else so far!

So are you now willing to experiencethe ease this could bring for you?

Scroll down and choose from the following different options available within this modality!
Options with Access Consciousness


  • Access BARS
  • Access BMM
  • Access Cellular Memory
  • Access Energetic Facelift
  • Access MTVSS
  • Access Vision Correction


  • Access Bars Practitioner
  • Access Foundation
  • Access Level -1


  • Access Money
  • Access Body
  • Access Business
  • Access Relationships
  • Access Parenting

Access BARS

The Bars are the core and the most popularly known body process of Access Consciousness.

The Bars are 32 bars of energy that run through and around your head that connect to different aspects of your life – which include MONEY, SEXUALITY, BODY, HEALING, AGING, CREATIVITY and so on.

So in a Bars session the bars practitioner will allow you to lie down and gently touch these 32 points which are located in your head – and by doing so allow you to release 5-10 thousand years of accumulated belief systems located in each of those points.

At the end of a Bars session (which could typically last for an hour/hour and a half), you will feel at least like you’ve had a restful time – and at best you will feel like your WHOLE WORLD HAS CHANGED!

We have noticed that people who get their Bars run often (i.e. receive Bars sessions), are much more at ease, joyful and healthier in their lives. So we recommend that people receive at least one Bars session to start the consciousness shift – and move on to getting the Bars run every day (if possible!)

At Kreyations we offer Bars sessions for people as well as the ability to learn how to give the Bars to others (or run them on yourself). Please check out Access Bars Practitioner Certification to learn how to run the Bars.
Access Bars allows you (If you are willing!) to experience a dynamic shift in your world- like a whole new space has opened up!
So the question here would be – how much are you willing to shift?
Come receive the joy of a session from us today!

Access Bars Practitioner Certification
It is very easy to learn the Access Bars and to become an Access Bars Practitioner! All it takes is your willingness and you can certify in just one day!

Whether you have tried the Bars before or not, you are welcome to learn the Bars and become a Bars Practitioner.

Once you certify, you will be officially registered with Access Consciousness as a Bars Practitioner and can run the Bars for people – informally (for your family and friends) or professionally for a fee (You can choose the fee according to whatever is expansive for you!).

Also it’s interesting to note that when you give a session for someone, the bars will run for you as well simultaneously. So when you give a session, you get session! Can you imagine what a phenomenal way of expanding ourselves and others this is?

Once you become a Bars Practitioner you can host Bars Swaps where you can gift and receive the Bars.

So would you like to be a catalyst for change and consciousness with this? Register for a class today!