Karuna Reiki

Karuna Reiki utilizes the same “life force energy” that is used in Reiki healings. It is considered a natural progression of Usui and Tibetan Reiki and is often described as a “higher vibrational form of Reiki” that possesses “multidimensional properties.”

Karuna Reiki practitioners often report that it is difficult to describe the energy that is being channeled. They will use words such as “stronger,” “more intense,” “more serious,” and “more powerful.” But they also report that it feels gentler in many ways . . . more compassionate! Once someone is attuned to the Karuna Reiki energy, they often report that the energy doesn’t just flow out of their hands (as is often the case with Reiki) but, instead, the energy flows through and around their hands, arms, and, for some, the entire body.
Reiki is believed to meet you in the present time here on Earth. Karuna, on the other hand, is believed to work in dimensions that go beyond the dimensions with which we are familiar with on the Earth plane. It is considered to have “multi-dimensional” or “inter-dimensional” properties. These additional dimensions are difficult for most of us to comprehend because they are beyond our current time and space. However, once you are attuned to the Karuna Reiki frequency, you have an opportunity to expand your concept of reality!

For this reason, becoming a Karuna Reiki practitioner is a transformational experience! In addition to your healing abilities expanding, Anne has repeatedly observed a very interesting development in many of her students. Soon after completing their Karuna Reiki training, many of them discover or clarify their “soul mission” during this lifetime. They begin to make new decisions that are congruent with their life mission. New and amazing pathways open up for them.

Dr. Rachana teaches all levels of Karuna Reiki, Level !, II and III.

Please Note:
Reiki Level II is pre-requisite for Karuna Level I.