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So what do you think about this today? There are many points of view and my point of view is this – why bullies hurt other kids — so that the bully can feel superior because deep down the bull feels inadequate or inferior. That causes the acting out as a means to try and gain control over

MY transition into ME

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Has there ever been a time where you’ve wanted to do something, but were afraid to do it? Maybe it was asking someone out on a date. Perhaps it was applying for a new job. Or maybe it was sharing your art with someone. Whatever it was, that nagging voice in your head may have been telling you things

Now about that … EGO…

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Somewhere today I read a comment on FB.. “If you don’t kill the ego, you’re nowhere. Healing isn’t a pleasure cruise. It’s all about the ego or his real name, Satan!” His comment reminded me of a pitfall that many people get into on the path of spiritual transformation: demonizing the ego. It’s easy to do. After all,

BUTT….Getting off your BUT

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I can’t lay claim to the brilliant pun in the subject line. It is just about eliminating excuses from our lives and choosing a path of success and happiness, choices and possibilities. I recall from something I exploring what it means to “Trust in God and tie your camel.” The thing is, every time I’ve heard anybody say


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Too often we try to “fix” a problem or get rid of our uncomfortableness as quickly as possible. Rather than looking into what’s affecting us, we just try to cover over it and be done with the situation. We try to distract ourselves. It’s like having a leak in the roof, and instead of fixing the roof, we put


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No more evident was this than the “Dot Com Boom” of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. New websites and technologies were popping up everywhere. Ideas were coming into reality at an unbelievably fast rate. Companies that tried to make their product perfect were left in the dust… only to be surpassed by anybody who did something faster with “Just

You may wonder if that better life is ever going to happen. If you’re like many, you struggle to stay motivated and inspired. I know how agonizing it is to feel as if your life is passing you by. That’s what it felt like when I was working in the corporate world –not following my passions

This is while I was learning to drive a car. With all the apprehensions, doubts about myself and the traffic, I gathered courage to learn driving. I told myself, “I don’t think I want to go. I’ve heard about accidents , break downs in the middle of the traffic, people howling and honking and they just don’t seem

“Tolerance” is a form of hypocrisy where we are nice to people we really don’t want to be nice to. We’re nice and “tolerate” the person because we are scared what will happen if we don’t “tolerate” the person. People feared losing their jobs if they didn’t “tolerate” their bosses. People fear losing loved ones if they don’t