Dr. Rachana being a Certified Hypnotherapist, has immense experience in using the benefits of this method of healing to enable corrective measures to several issues.

She is an expert in Core Somatic Integration and hence is adept at reading the signs our body sends out to communicate with us and ask for help.
Hypnotherapy is scientifically recognised to eradicate the ill-effects of –
  1. Phobias, fears, and anxiety.
  2. Sleep disorders.
  3. Depression.
  4. Stress.
  5. Post-trauma anxiety.
  6. Grief and loss.

Dr. Rachana also specialises in Past Life Regression, Future Life Progression and Inner Child work. Lets take look at how these can be helpful for us in our lives.

  • Past Life Regression is particularly valuable when dealing with issues that have no rational or medical cause. Regressions are particularly helpful in solving relationship problems with partners, parents and family members because of the tendency to continue to share life experiences with these primary people.
  • Future Life Progression as the name suggests, is going into your potential futures, as opposed to past life Regression.
    1. You can use FLP to improve every area of your life.
    2. You can use FLP to find 'the one' - your soul mate.
    3. You can discover your inner genius to write that novel, play, song or script.
    4. You can use FLP techniques to make sparkling decisions at work.
  • Inner Child Work - Hypnotherapy to heal the inner child can create positive changes in the adult who seeks greater self-worth and self-acceptance. It can help them to overcome self-sabotaging behavior that their inner child learned in order to cope with dysfunctionality. But to achieve these goals requires the full cooperation of the client who must really want to heal and make the changes, must believe that they can heal and make positive changes, and must be open to using the tools and techniques provided. Some of the therapeutic processes take place in conscious cognitive dialogue. I ask the client questions to gain a general understanding of their childhood and family of origin, and to identify the specific childhood incidents that harmed them. I learn how they tried to cope and what self-sabotaging behavior developed which impedes them as adults.