Executive Coaching

Dr. Rachana comes with 10 plus years of experience in Corporate Employee Welfare and Development.

Dr. Rachana facilitates one-to-one, mutually designed relationship between a professional coach and a key contributor in the organization. The coaching is contracted for the benefit of a client who is accountable for highly complex decisions with wide scope of impact on the organization and industry as a whole. The focus of the coaching is usually focused on organizational performance or development, but it may also serve a personal component as well.

Coaching comes in a variety of flavors, but the overarching goal is to help you be the very best version of yourself as a leader, executive, and whole person. The experience feels like a blend of therapy, board discussion, and Olympic cross-training. The focus is on your advancement as you define it, a definition that usually evolves. A coach doesn't have to have been a "quarterback" to be helpful (just ask Pete Carroll - he was never a stand-out football player), but familiarity with your world never hurts.

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt says the best advice he ever got was to get a coach. Bill Gates emphatically says everyone should have a coach. Venture capitalist Fred Wilson advocates coaching too, especially for first-time CEOs.