Energy & Space Clearing

For many years Dr. Rachana has been working with Angels, Spirit Guides & Archangels to clear people & their spaces of harmful or heavy energy that is negatively affecting their lives.

Everything in the Universe has an energy vibration, and these vibrations intermingle as we go throughout our day. Most times this is very healthy, for example some vibrations are very high and we enjoy being around certain people, places and things we love. Other situations where the energy is harmful or heavy and attaches itself to us it can have a very negative effect. If we are already vibrating at a lower energy – if we are sick, sad or feeling tired – then this energy attaches to us very easily. It pulls our vibration down further and makes it very difficult for us to function normally.

If we are being affected by negative energy then we often say things like “I just don’t feel like myself”, or maybe when we look in the mirror we don’t quite look the way that we are used to, or other people will make comments that our personality has changed, or we just don’t have the fun and happiness that we used to feel (in fact we mostly feel angry for no reason).

To do energy and space clearing we sit in meditation and request that a “team” be formed for the person. This team comprises of Angels & Spirit Guides of the highest and strongest vibration, along with Archangel Michael and Raphael. This “team” removes these negative energies from each person, their homes, their pets, work areas, vehicles and anything else they may be connected to. The energy cords are removed and both the person I am working with and whom or what they are attached to are filled with healing, love & light. If there are any messages the “team” has for the person we will work on and we will share those afterwards.

This work is amazingly powerful and most people experience immediate results. Some people have actually reported sensing and/or feel the energy shifting while my “team” is working.

In addition, we will email/mail you an article I wrote about how to protect yourself energetically and to remove negative influences each and every day as well as to protect your families, pets, vehicles, home and work environment.