Creative Collaborators


An incredible person full of zest, enthusiasm and energy - Rachana Sharma is a potent person to be around and help you move forward from wherever you are in life to wherever it is you choose to be!

What is her unique juicy contribution to you?

As a ‘Creative Life Architect’ Rachana is available for you– whoever you are (a student, a professional, a homemaker, a baker, a school dropout or an astronaut... or anything else you define yourself to be!

Wherever you are in your journey of life, Rachana is a soul with whom you can experience ease and comfort with, while you journey forward out of difficulties and into brand new creations for your life!

Rachana has consciously chosen to refer to herself as a ‘Creative Life Architect’ simply because she is here to help you (with her skills, expertise, awareness and talents) to create and construct your life –which includes your health, your wellbeing, your career, your relationships and anything else you desire, in exactly the way you choose.

So just the way an architect helps you shape your house according to your taste and comfort, together with Rachana, you can create and construct your unique life in a way which is totally fun, expansive and enjoyable for you!
You can also choose to ‘play’ with her for just a session – if that’s all you need now!

So what could counseling with her be like?

One of the things you’d experience with her is being in a space of no judgment of you –someone with whom you will feel “Yes, she is just like me!” – no matter who you are, what your gender, color, age or race or experience in life is – she desires to make it easy to feel comfortable, comforted and welcomed, as you choose new options for yourself.

This is also the reason why she offers so many different modalities for people to choose from – since each one of us is unique and desire to work with things which we can relate to the best! So when you choose to work with her, you can move forward at your pace, awareness and comfort level.

Whether it’s a specific problem area (say you’d like to rid yourself of Migraines) or a whole life make-over, she will assist you in choosing with awareness what will be most expansive for you.

Rachana’s story as a parent (and a spouse!)

Rachana is the mother of a bubbly baby boy – and her story into motherhood is quite incredible!

She acknowledges her child (whom they have nicknamed ’Awesome’!) came into her life only when she finally had let go of her life-long need and habit of being in control and conclusion (So much so she had even decided which school her child would go to even before it was conceived!) When she decided to let go and be in ‘allowance’ of however her child could be – Awesome was conceived! Not just that, she then went on to have a really easy and healthy pregnancy and completely painless delivery. And now the journey with this toddler continues as she allows him to blossom into his own person and he teaches her to be present and have more fun!

This aspect of being a parent too she uses to create more ease for all kinds of couples and mothers-to be! (Check out Pregnancy & Birthing Offerings for more about this)

As for her relationship with her husband – she claims that it’s unconventional (to say the least) yet expansive and fun! They together have long and interesting talks about possibilities and new ideas –and her husband Pramod always inspires her to try new and different possibilities in life (while receiving the benefit of her multiple healing modalities- whenever she needs a person to work on!!). This way as a couple they have created more expansiveness and joy in their lives!

Today Rachana Sharma travels the world facilitating classes and people to lead empowered lives. She says that her life is now “MORE THAN HAPPY’ (with the physical, professional and spiritual aspects of herself being in Harmony) - and if she can do this, so can you.

The bottom line for sharing all this information is to say that only thing you need now is CHOICE- a choice to live a life full of joy, realizing your full potential – and a person like Rachana who has journeyed through so many modalities and experiences, is here assisting you to do so!