Conscious Relationships

No relationship is perfect. Creating, maintaining and sustaining a successful relationship can be daunting if you don’t have the skills or solid love to help you work through the normal problems that arise in any relationship. Growing your relationship can be rewarding and exciting even though, at times a bit mysterious. Knowing grow in your relationship, blooming in your relationship, connecting, communicate well, and resolve relationship problems is the key to being a healthy couple. Our couples’ workshops are a powerful resource, which will have lasting benefits to your relationship, offering you communication skills, experiential learning, and a relaxing environment in which to connect and enjoy each other.

We create environments in our marriage weekend retreats where intimate partners transform who they are for each other. Our workshops offer a variety of learning experiences depending upon the weekend you choose.

Here is some of what you will learn during a weekend retreat with us:

  • Relationship communication skills
  • How to heal and resolve old relationship problems
  • Exploring and increasing sexual intimacy
  • Your vision for a healthy marriage
  • How your relationship history affects who you are
  • How to “grow yourself” in relationship
  • How touch is an integral part of being a loving couple
  • Appreciating each other and having more fun.
  • Turning frustration into requests
  • How to be an intimate team.