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So what do you think about this today?

There are many points of view and my point of view is this – why bullies hurt other kids — so that the bully can feel superior because deep down the bull feels inadequate or inferior. That causes the acting out as a means to try and gain control over their lives since they feel out of control.

You might wanna say. I know the feeling. I actually go the other way- I’m afraid to enjoy my accomplishments because I don’t want to appear to be self-centered.”

I would say, this is also a form of self-pity.

So, avoiding one’s true authentic power (BEING YOU) is a way of pitying one’s self. It’s basically like saying, “I am not good enough to be loved, appreciated, and seen EXACTLY as I am. Therefore, I will under-represent myself in an un-authentic way so that I can avoid my fears of being rejected by others.”

Now this is getting more complex.

“What if…what if…what if…What if you showed up as self- centered? What would be the worse thing that could happen? Your friends will agree that your awesome and your enemies will hate you because you showed up! In the end its what YOU think of YOU! Just show up! You can adjust how to show up anytime you


Self-importance is a form of self-pity. Yet at the same time, I acknowledge the need for us to acknowledge, be aware, own, honor, and express our true authentic power, and that’s BEING ME

What’s the difference?

The difference is between self-importance and authentic self- centeredness (BEING ME). Self-importance is really about the judgmental comparisons I described.

Self-importance is about saying, “I am one way. Other people are another way. And I feel better than those people for certain reasons.” And as I mentioned, this turns back towards your self as a form of self-pity (otherwise there would be no need to comparatively judge).

On the other hand, authentic self-centeredness – BEING ME (or authentic power) is really about owning, acknowledging your total, complete, and full awesomeness without any need to compare. In other words, you simply show up, express yourself authentically, and trust that who you are IS good enough in this given moment.

It’s not that you are good enough for any specific reason that your ego can think of. You are good enough for one specific reason. And one reason only. There is *no* other reason why you are good enough than this

single reason:


Let that sink in.

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