About Us

"Kreyations is a wholesome, holistic business of empowering you to recreate your life from whichever point you are in now into something bigger, grander and more joyful than you can ever imagine!"

What are you looking to shift?

Where do you seek assistance of Kreyations?

Maybe you are looking to change your financial situation for the better or are trying to overcome some disease or illness in your body, or perhaps you want to be healthier and fit?

Or you’d like to recreate your current relationship –with yourself, your family/friends, your spouse or your colleagues? Or are you looking for that special someone in your life?

Perhaps you are looking for things like clarity and ease?

Or are you looking for a complete makeover of life itself - where everyday you can wake up to new possibilities and where you experience abundance in all aspects of life?

Kreyations is a service which has been created for this!

To give anyone and everyone the ability to shift anything! Whether you are a ‘spiritual’ person, a student or a home-maker, a chauffeur or a chef, whether you have tried many healing modalities or whether this is your first encounter with healing – Kreyations will give you many options for sessions, workshops, counseling and healing modalities that is most comfortable, easy and enjoyable for you and what you can relate to in order to shift your life.
We do have one rule though – we allow only people who choose to change, people who desire to move forward!
If you have a desire to shift, that’s all we need. The ‘how’ to shift is our business- literally!
One more thing we’d like to share about us. We’d like to shift you from inside-out! Hence we have named ourselves – ‘Kreayat-ions’ – meaning ‘create’ plus ‘ions’. This means we are willing to reach the level of your ions and molecules to create the change that you desire. So you never go back to the old, limited way of living.
One final note about us – recreating your life with is not necessarily heavy or difficult. (Although sometimes challenging processes may be there along the way!) You can work with us in ways that are wholesome, fun and easy for you, in order to create more.

Are you sold on choosing to shift? Would you like to jump into our offerings? Then we suggest that you go through our list of healings & counseling Offerings or workshops or Signature Programs - and notice which offering speaks to you!* that is, which of our offerings can you use to create the biggest SHIFT for you in your life right away? Then we are set to go!

Kreyations- Recreating your life just got simpler!

*Are you unsure of which offering to choose? Then just call/email us to book a free session– we can help you choose what modality would be most empowering for you!

Certified, trained and experienced in Corporate

1. Certified NLP Practitioner – National Federation of Neuro Linguistic Programming.
2. MBTI – CPP-Asia Pacific, Australia
3. Certified Change Management Professional – Prosci Inc., USA
4. Certified Executive Coach – Results Coaching Systems, India
5. Certified Life Coach – Results Coaching Systems, India
6. Certified in Designing and Implementing Assessment Development Centers – T V

Training and Certifications in Healing & Therapy

1. Reiki Master – Usui, Karuna Reiki
2. Magnified Healing
3. Hypnotherapist
4. Core Somatic Integration
5. Hypnobirthing Practitioner
6. Organ Regeneration Cell